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EXECUTIVE BOARD                                                                        July 31, 1986

Tim Scriven.  Randy Bradley.  Dorothy Gray.  Curt Gordon.  Joe Putnam.


Wally Lehman. Frank Nichols. Al Holte. Myrna Bradley. Jim Thorsen. Bob Mock. Clay Green. Swede Anderson. Peter Moote. Tom Roehl. Jack Siebert. Hanford Thayer.Joe Miller. Bob Sandal. Debra Smith. Jack Metcalf. Jeanne Babik. Bill Thorsen.
Rob Galbreath. Vivianne Heggenes. Doug Kelly. Jerry Hansen. Greg Smith. Ken Bloom. Rick McArdle. Delores Cobb. Warren Lohf

Dear Selection Board Members;

The information in this booklet is intended to demonstrate to you what we are accomplishing and who is involved in developing the 43 acre site known as the South Whidbey Community Center which is owned by the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation District.

The South Whidbey Progressive Club was formed to provide a nonprofit vehicle through which volunteer efforts are channeled in building theSouth Whidbey Community Center. Our members own the equipment which is doing the work. The engineers, carpenters, electricians, surveyors and attorneys who are involved are also members of the South Whidbey Progressive Club.

The South Whidbey Athletic Association is a nonprofit organization which provides basketball, soccer and baseball programs for children. Our volunteer effort to build athletic fields, playground and picnic areas is founded upon our acknowledgement of the important need for children to participate in positive activities where adults in our community demonstrate their love for them.

Local contractors have donated their heavy equipment moving 20,000 cubic yards of earth. The engineering, surveying and legal services have also been donated. Two athletic fields are built to finish grade, a well is in and a cedar log picnic shelter and Bar-B-Q are under construction.

The value of the 43 acre site is $120,000 and the value of donated site improvements is $115,000. Because our work is being done by volunteers, our expenses have been for hard cost items and fuel. Our expenses for $115,000 of improvements has been just $20,000! The donations of equipment and professional time are amazing and we appreciate the generous contributions which have been made.

Our contractors, engineers, carpenters, electricians, surveyors, plumbers and attorneys stand ready to assist you and stretch the dollars that you invest in the athletic field which we have prepared for you. We are not applying for a handout but we welcome your helping hand.

We appreciate what the Mariners and the backing corporations are doing for communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Thank you very much.


Timothy D. Scriven, President.

The purpose of the South Whidbey Progressive Club is to support the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation District and to work cooperatively with nonprofit, civic and service organizations in the development of the South Whidbey Community Center and to pro­mote and support community projects and programs.

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