The next school district to be formed was district #13 known as Millers Marsh. Here is a description of the boundaries: Beginning at shoreline on section line between 20, 21, 22 and 27, 28, and 29, Twp 29N R3E thence east to VE corner of Sec 27 thence east on sec. line to shore, thence SW following shoreline around Skagit Head to place of starting. Here again unable to find any deed for a school in this district until 1900. It would seem that the school should have been located somewhere in the vicinity between Midvale & Maxwelton but I have been unable to find a location. This district came into existence Apr. 29, 1893.

On Oct. 30, 1893 Alta D. Langdon was the teacher. Here is the Superintendents report of her visit on July 9, 1895. “This day visited the school in school district #13 Miss Basha Butler teacher. There were 7 pupils enrolled. But three were present.  The school is held in one room of an old board shanty formerly used as a dwelling when this place was the site of a logging camp.  The room is furnished with homemade desks and seats sufficient for the accommodation of eight pupils. No apparatus of any kind was provided except a very small piece of poorly prepared paper for blackboard. The pupils’ present showed great proficiency in their work: considering the limited amount of school they have had since Jan. 1894. Two months in all, not enough to comply with the law. The teacher is well qualified and is doing excellent work considering the limited resources at her command.” M.E. Jenne, Co. Supt.

At this point I need to mention what I call the mystery school that was within the boundaries of district #13.”Old timers’ claim it was once a school. It is a log building located on the west side of Cultus Bay road a short distance north of French Rd.  It doesn’t seem to fit the title Millers Marsh, yet it was within the boundaries of that district. I can’t find any dates as to when or if it was used as a school. (Editors Note: Please see previous Editors Note above regarding this structure)

April 29, 1895 – George Bump deeds to school district #8 one square acre in the NW corner of Sec 17, TWP 29N, R3E to revert back to the aforesaid owner of his heirs if abandoned  tor-school purposes. This is where the present Bayview school is. At this point to give overdue recognition to the Wickliff Newell family, a post office was established on Feb. 12, 1894 called Newell. Ellen Newell, wife of Wickliff was the post master.  It was discontinued in 1904. It was located where the Melindys lived later. What we call Bayview today was known as Newell from  1894 until 1905. There was a column in the Newspaper called Newell, also the school superintendents mention district #8 at Newell. In 1898 a store was built and managed by Wickliff Newell  on his property. Howard Newell at Clinton is a grandson of Wickliff Newell.

The next item to be mentioned chronologically is the new School site and building in District #10 Mutiny Bay. Feb. 26, 1897 deed of N.E. Porter and Louisa A. Porter to school district #10  The deed says 20 chains and 20 links south and 2 chains west of  the corner of See’s 9, 10, 15 and 16. TWP. 29N R2E a piece of  land 210 feet by 105 feet for it to revert back to previous owner when no longer used for school purposes. This site was west of the later 1911 school site and closer to the shoreline.  Construction began April 16, 1897 and was almost complete April 30, 1897, school expected to start about June 1 according to paper.

Second Langley school built in 1899 halfway between Langley and Sandy Point.  Several things take place in the year 1900. Oxel L. Nelson  who homesteaded 160 acres just east of the Ball place at Deer Lake, sold 40 acres to Henry Simmons, brother of Jacob Simmons.

The deed says the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Sec. 25, -TWP 29N R3E excepting one acre given to Island county for school purposes dated Jan. 13, 1900. Was there a school building already there in 1900? A school had been built somewhere in D. #11 in 1891.  (Editors Note: It is believed that this was the original location of the School Building that now sits north of French Rd on Cultus Bay Rd.)

Sept. 10, 1900 – Mr & Mrs Langley donate lots 1, 2, 23 & 24 block 9 for school purposes. This is in the vicinity of the present funeral home parking lot. Sept. 14, B.O. Lund secured contract for new Langley schoolhouse. Dec. 7, 1900 school in  session at new Langley School. Oct. 1, 1900 – John Parsons deeds 1 acre in the NW corner of the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec 33. TWP 29N, R3E to district  #13. At this time it was called Island district rather than Millers Marsh but the same boundaries. This was located at the corner of the present French & Bailey roads. J.J. Burleys later lived there. The reason for this school being called Island was that there was a post office called Island across the marsh at what was later called Maxwelton according to records at Sand Pt. archives.  A school building was in existence there in 1901. (Editors Note: This structure was converted to a residence and is still existing at its original location.)

The first mention I can find of school in the Deer Lake schoolhouse is April 12, 1901 Island County Times, Clinton items column. It says “School commenced in Deer Lake school last Monday with Miss Ruby Gough teacher. Then in May 17, 1901 in the Island Co. Times, under Clinton items it says that at the school election it was decided to build a new school house. It therefore seems logical that the present schoolhouse had been in existence for a few years.


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