Bayview (formerly called Bay View, and before that, Newell)

In an area originally called Newell for the Newell family who ran a post office from their home, Bayview (or Bay View) was beginning to attract more settlers because of its location for a sawmill at nearby Lone Lake and the water outfall at Bayview.

The first Bay View Cash Store shown below (1908-1916) was owned by Adolph Meier, a German immigrant. His house (still standing see photos) and nearby store was located on the Deer Lagoon side of SR 525. At high tide shallow draft boats could pull up to a lower warehouse dock and load and unload supplies.

At some point Adolph’s son, Ernest (Ernie), began to run the store with Charlie Lund. The store burned down in 1916 and Deer Lagoon was diked in 1918.

A 1920 census shows that Adolph and his wife, Minnie, had moved to Tolt (renamed Carnation), WA where he opened the Meier Mercantile Co., the site of a safe robbery in that same year.

In 1924 William Burk built a store at the crossroads of the south end of the Island. Anyone traveling north from Clinton or Langley had to pass through there to access the road north.

Burk had Bay View Cash Store for only six years when he sold it to Harold Johnston in 1930, who then ran the store for 45 years. He was known for his generosity to people during the Great Depression.

EPSON scanner image