Maple Cove

Built in 1908, this planned vacation community featured summer cottages for sale to ‘refined people’ for as little as $750, with easy terms.
Maple Cove also had an inn called “Ivy Inn” with a unique log-cabin-style fireplace. The little community also had a store, post office, dance pavilion, and a dock.
Staying a week at Ivy Inn would set you back ten to $12 a week, with special rates to families and parties.
A roundtrip fare aboard the steamer “Calista” (yes, that one), was available for $1, and roundtrip fare from Everett aboard the ‘Camano’ was 35 cents aboard the “Camano.”
Activities included swimming, fishing, tennis, boating, canoeing, and clam and ‘geou-duc’ digging.
“Ivy Inn” later became the residence of the Rev. Frank Goodnough. This promotional postcard was produced by the Maple Cove Company which was headquartered on Hewitt Avenue in Everett prior to 1911.