Archival Videos

The late Bill Hunziker, son of ferry boat Captain Stanley Hunziker,  gave this presentation in May 2003 at a meeting of the South Whidbey Historical Society’s “Then and Now” series. This is Part I.


In 1935, 13-year old Bill Hunziker and his family went on a Whidbey Island road trip, the first of several spanning the years 1935 to 1939. He brought along his new birthday gift: a 16 mm movie camera that shot using Kodacolor film.  (BTW, in 1935, the Island was spelled Whidby.)

The Clinton Ferry and nearby beach  in 1935.

Vintage video of Calvin Phillips’ dairy in Greenbank in the 1930s. Video by William Hunziker.

Video clip showing Gordon Erikson diving off the dock at Columbia Beach in the 1930s. Taken by Bill Hunziker.