This holiday, give a gift of membership to the South Whidbey Historical Society

— a gift that gives twice!

When you give a gift of a membership to the South Whidbey Historical Society, you actually give two gifts: one to a friend or family member, and one to our whole community.

A gift of membership helps the South Whidbey Historical Society continue to share our interesting history of indigenous people, explorers, settlers — the story of how our communities grew.

The person you give a gift membership to will receive an attractive holiday greeting card announcing your gift of either an annual  individual, household, company, or lifetime membership.

We will even write a personal message from you on the card.  Your recipient will receive a South Whidbey Historical Society newsletter, membership card good for 10% off books and merchandise purchased at the Museum, access to members-only information on our website, plus advance notice of special events, classes and tours.

Just fill out the form below. One form for each gift membership you wish to give.  Thank you for your support.

Happy Holidays!




Bill Haroldson, President

South Whidbey Historical Society

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