We love it when people share or donate photos to our Museum. Special thanks to Bob Pearce who recently donated these photos found in a building at the marina he was renovating years ago.
   They were taken between 1911 and 1913 and are signed on the back by Jake Jensen.
   Jake was the eldest son of Hans Peter and Cecilia Jensen. The Jensens moved to Langley in 1909 and figured prominently in its early days. (More about the Jensen’s in the next post.)
   Although we did have the photo depicting the building of the cannery at the dock, we did not have the photo of the Clatawa at the dock, nor the photo of a small passenger launch that was titled, “Wolverine.”
   At first we thought it was misnamed and was actually the “Alvarene” which was a similar gasoline powered launch owned by Capt. J.D. Prather, but after comparing them, it is not. Nor is it the “Rover” owned by the Spencer family.
   There is a photo from Mabel Anthes’ album (she was the daughter of Langley founder Jacob Anthes) which looks quite similar, but was taken from the other side. (See attached.)
   We cannot find information of a launch called “Wolverine” but perhaps some aficionados of the Mosquito Fleet might know.
   If you have any photos you’d like us to digitize for our collection, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.