Through the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Bayview Corner was a hub of life and activity on South Whidbey. With an elementary school, a community hall, a gas station, mercantile, feed store, auto garage, and even a tavern and hotel for a short window of time, Bayview had everything local and visitors needed.
But in the late 1950s, the Island’s main road, which started at the Clinton ferry dock and traveled up island to Deception Pass Bridge, was improved and straightened. Instead of following Bayview Road to Bayview Corner, the new road bypassed Bayview Corner to the southwest. Years before, the Diking District took the bay view from Bayview Corner, and now the highway department removed the Corner.
(Thanks to South Whidbey Historical Museum for these two pictures. The first is from 1955, the second from 1963.)