Langley was quite the destination for the Everett Grocer’s and Butcher’s Picnic on Wednesday, July 22, 1914. According to the advertisement, ferries ran from the City Dock every few minutes, with adult fares 35 cents and children 25 cents both roundtrip.
And what to do for the afternoon’s entertainment?
Why there were games and contests of every sort: baseball, of course… but there was also prize waltzing, a marble-pitching contest between the butchers and grocers… a ladies’ nail-driving contest… girls’ and boys’ potato races, free-for-all races, sack races, and three-legged races… plus a a slim ladies’ race and a stout ladies’ race, and a married woman’s race.
There were also blackberry pie eating contests, various tug-of-war contests between butchers and grocers and ladies versus men…
On the odder side of races: there was a ladies’ hobble skirt race, a candle race, a men’s shoes-in-a-barrel race, and old men’s foot race, plus a swimming contest… and a horse swimming contest.
Everett Grocery and Meat Markets were closed for the day.