Wilhelm and Hilma Mattila were part of the Finnish social group that revolved around the Kyllonen establishment. There was a most unusual twist to their marriage. There was a 20-year span between 1892, when Wilhelm left Finland for Canada, and 1912 when he was well enough established on one of the Kyllonen tracts to send for Hilma and their two children, Matt and Sarafina.

Matt was 20 years old and Sarafina, 18, when they arrived with their mother to join Wilhelm in the home he had built for them in the Midvale area. A daughter, Selma, was born to Wilhelm and Hilma in 1914.

The Mattilas used to gather with others of the Finnish community on Saturday nights and enjoy the sauna, dinner, and dancing at the Kyllonens. Wilhelm died in 1919 and Hilma in 1941. Matt died in 1944 and Sarafina in 1969.

Selma married Arvy Elf and they became the parents of two sons, one of whom lives in Hawaii and the other in Bothell. Later, Selma became the wife of Clay Green, son of the pioneer Green family of Maxwelton. Their home is on Humphrey Road, Clinton.