Craig ‘Windmill’ Holman (shown below) was featured in a segment on this morning’s KIRO radio program Seattle’s Morning News with Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien.
Historian Feliks Banel’s call for recordings of the Outdoor Line radio program hosted by Bill Davis (from 1977 to 1997) resulted in Craig’s sharing his recording of when he was interviewed on the program.
Bill Davis’ grandson had requested any recordings of the program so that his own kids could hear the voice of their great-grandfather doing his popular two-hour program on KIRO.
We’ve attached the 6 minute interview from this morning’s show here. Just click the link:
‘Windmill’ was also featured along with Susie Richards (below), reminiscing about Shore Meadows Resort and Campbell’s Cove Resort in a video made by the South Whidbey Historical Society a few years ago. Click the link below to watch. Their interview appears at about 4 minutes and 56 seconds in. Enjoy.