Shortly after 1900 at about the same time that the Bosshard family settled on acreage in the southwest edge of Langley the Monson family settled adjacent to them on acreage that extended from Anthes to DeBruyn Streets and from Second Street to the comer of Sixth. Their house was located where the present Hedgcock- Visser Funeral Home now is.
The family was well educated, musical and religious, according to Alma Anderson Grist who knew them well. For several years their home was the center of much of the cultural life of the new community. Emma Monson was a member of Langley’s all-woman government in 1920. There were three daughters, one of whom, Emma, was Island County Auditor for 24 years.

Florence Monson married Ray Vader, who worked in the Island County Treasurer’s office. Elvira moved to Everett. Son Carl, joined the Coast Guard. There also was another son Ernest who accidentally shot himself while duck hunting at the age of 17.