This photo of the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry was likely taken in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s. Note the ferry dock first. Today if you walk off the ferry dock at low tide, you will see the remains of pilings of that dock on the north side of the current dock. The fishing pier is essentially in the same place which was on the south side of the ferry dock. The dock was remodeled in the early 1950’s and now slants to the southwest as you board the ferry.
The fishing pier remains in the same place but it is on the north side of the ferry dock. Victor McConnell built the boat house in the 1920’s and had a gas station on the east side of front street. His house is also viewed there.
Ivar’s makes up the property where the ferry lunch and the house is located next to it. That property was purchased in 1946 by the Taylor family in 1946. When the trestle was built over the train tracks the ferry waiting line was established which was less than half its present size.